Japan Science Foundation

 The Science Museum Operation Department operates the Science Museum, which was established by the Japan Science Foundation(JSF), and executes the planning and consulting operations in support of exhibition production and educational activities in public and educational facilities all over the country by using the operational know-how of the JSF.

Operation of Science Museum

 The Science Museum is a prominent science and engineering museum in Japan. The museum disseminates information and offers awareness activities with assistance from the industries and the governmental institutes for deepening the knowledge and comprehension of science and industrial engineering mainly for youth.

Science Museum website: http://www.jsf.or.jp/

Exhibitions Special Exhibitions

 You can learn about a wide range of science topics covering the basic theory of science to industrial technology closely related to our lives and state-of-the-art science. The exhibitions are held with the support of industrial institutes or institutes with a close relationship to the exhibition themes. Special exhibitions and events with topical themes and timely information are held during the spring holidays and summer vacations to provide opportunities for everyone to experience science, the satisfaction of manufacturing, and gain access to science and technologies.
Science Club Lending of exhibitions

Science Club
 This club offers a wide range of activities, including handcraft workshops, laboratory workshops, and natural observation workshops and facility tours as outdoor activities.  We lend exhibitions to local museums, science museums, and children's museums under the basic concept of enjoyable science for more children.
PC GymnasiumResearch and Investigation
For the purpose of promotion and dissemination of information in schools and homes, we hold PC and Internet seminars for beginners every day.   Results of research and investigation activities We conduct research and investigation activities that serve as the foundation for promoting comprehension of science technologies through museum activities.

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Planning and Consulting

 JSF promotes a wide range of operations from consulting to the design, planning, operation, and management of public educational facilities, such as science museums, by using our know-how in science museum operation. JSF also promotes event operations including production of exhibitions and the planning and design of pavilions along with the relevant operation and management.

Production of educational and cultural facilitiesEvent production

Flow for constructing an educational and cultural facility (records of production activities)
 JSF consistently provides comprehensive production for establishing new facilities, renewing existing facilities or creating new "activities" from the establishment of the initial concept to consultation after starting operations.
  Results of production activities
 JSF proposes plans for events with some scientific elements and supports the operation of these events by using our experience and ideas in exhibition development and various kinds of action programs.
Development of educational programs Consulting for Exposition

  Results of development activities
 JSF develops educational programs, such as experimental craft workshops in science museums and educational facilities or other kinds of events in accordance with specific demands.
  Consulting for Exposition
 JSF provides consulting support for basic exhibitions and provides scientific information that may satisfy many visitors to domestic and international expositions by using our know-how for operating the Science Museum.

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