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Science Personnel Development Department

 The Science Personnel Development Department executes diffusion and awareness activities, such as events and experiential learning programs related to science all over the country, so that youths and adults can come into direct contact with real science and technologies. The division also does some research to promote these activities more effectively.
 These operations are supported by not only the division personnel but also many different kinds of people and institutes; such as teachers in elementary schools, junior high schools, and high schools all over the country; universities, research institutes, and enterprises; and the media and volunteers. We sort out new ideas generated and issues and requirements observed in these activities, and then take specific action to promote science education in Japan beyond the various barriers such as differences of organizations or stands.
 The Science Personnel Development Department aims to contribute to the development of human resources in science and technology fields who are required by society.

Science Personnel Development Department
Japan Science Foundation
Tel: 81-3-3212-8487/Fax: 81-3-3212-0014
E-mail: shinko@jsf.or.jp

Projects operated by the Science Personnel Development Department

Youngster's Science Festival National Biology Contest-Biology Challenge

This is the official website of the Youngster's Science Festival.Details are provided for the respective regional festivals and the guide to the national festival. Biology Challenge is an activity for high school students to develop their talents in biology and experience interest and pleasure in biology as well as raising interests in biology and biology education in general.
The 20th International Biology Olympiad Science and Technology Film/Video Festival
Since the 20th International Biology Olympiad will be held in Japan in July 2009, the Foundation prepares the event together with International Biology Olympiad 2009 Organization Committee (Chairman: Hiroo Imura) and Tsukuba University.
Science and Technology Film/Video Festival aims to encourage interest in science and technology, diffuse and improve film and video by selecting and encouraging superior films and videos related to science.

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