Japan Science Foundation

Mission statement

  Activities of the foundation can be classified into six major operational sectors of operation and support of the museums, educational dissemination, scientific promotion, research and investigation, information system development, and facility lending. The foundation aims to evolve significant activities in the respective operation sectors. The foundation also evolves a variety of different activities related to scientific promotion with the core of human resource development in the science and engineering fields by collaborating with industry, research and development institutes, academic societies and associations, and the educational community.

Structure of management

  The historical background to the technical innovation in the period from 1955 to 1965 includes establishment of the foundation as a private core institute for scientific promotion with all the energies of the government, political world, industry, financial world, and academic societies, in consideration of the importance of scientific promotion driving the industrial and economic evolution.

  In order to discuss and determine the items stipulated in the articles of association for an operating foundation promoting public utilities, the directors(10 to 25 persons)selected from the relevant industries and the academic societies hold four regular meetings of the board of directors each year as well as extra meetings of the board, to provide and execute project plans.

JSF outline

  JSF outline[PDF:3.28MB]

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