Japan Science Foundation

Message from the Chairman

Chairman SAKAKIBARA Sadayuki
The Japan Science Foundation (JSF) was established in April 1960 with the consensus of industry, government and academia as a private foundation, the objective of which is to comprehensively promote projects related to the development of science and technology, thereby contributing to raising the standard of science and technology in Japan. Subsequently, JSF has striven to consistently encourage understanding of science and technology, and educate the general public. In particular, the Science Museum, which is JSF’s core activity, has achieved an aggregate visitorship of 30 million people since its opening in April 1964, and this number continues to grow steadily.

JSF believes that nurturing intellectually curious human resources in the field of science and technology in Japan, a country poor in natural resources, is an essential factor in the development and expansion of Japanese industry in the future. Continuing existing activities and aspirations of our predecessors, we will strive to create an environment for deepening the interest and understanding in both scientific technology and industrial technology of not only young people but everyone in Japan.

For several years now, both government agencies and private companies/citizens have been required to undertake measures for resolving social issues such as environmental problems and the declining birthrate/aging of society. I believe that, in order to resolve these social issues, we must have a proactive attitude to view social issues as our own problems, and have the empathy to understand the different values of each region and era. In addition, single company or person can resolve these social issues; they must also have the ability to involve others. I also believe that it is extraordinarily important to have an environment that nurtures the human resources that society requires.

Furthermore, in recent years STEAM education nurturing creativity through experience in the five fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics has been gaining attention as primary and secondary education that nurtures a sense of ownership encouraging young people to think for themselves. The JSF-operated Science Museum is truly a place where visitors can actually experience the appeal of science and technology as well as the joy of “manufacturing” and “creating new values.” I feel that JSF has an enormous role to play in the society of the future. Anticipating the direction in which our times are moving, we will collaborate with the science and technology promotion projects implemented by the national government to contribute to the education of the human resources required by society while seeking active support from industry.

Embracing our mission of contributing to society through the promotion of science and technology, we will endeavor to achieve even greater leaps forward, and respectfully ask for your continuing understanding and support of JSF’s activities.

Toshiaki Higashihara
Japan Science Foundation

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