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Production of educational/cultural facilities

 Recently, museums and science museums are becoming places that appeal to people's intelligence and sensitivity. JSF consistently provides comprehensive production for establishing new facilities or renewing existing facilities from the establishment of the initial concept to consultation after starting operations.

1. Provision of the basic concept/plan, Fundamental survey
 It is indispensable for setting the target and concept exactly and verifying the meanings, effects, and feasibility in this phase. The Foundation shall assist you from our unique viewpoint by using our experience in the operation of Science Museum and production of cultural facilities.

2. Exhibition design/Provision/Administration and Development of various kinds of action programs
 By designing and providing the exhibition from a consistent viewpoint from the concept setting stage, JSF supports different issues flexibly by succeeding the concept exactly and providing the exhibition in consideration of the many and unspecified visitors and operation after opening the museum. For some activities involving people, such as workshops and science shows, to which greater importance is attached, JSF can develop programs appropriate to the respective facility environments.

3. Provision of Management Operation Plan
 In order for the respective facilities to consistently monitor their own concepts and their potential vitality, JSF shall provide a management operation plan, with emphasis on a scheme that the people involved in the operation can use effectively, and develop human resources that contribute to the operation immediately after opening the museum.

4. Consulting after opening the museum
 After opening the exhibition, JSF will provide appropriate proposals and production based on a closed partnership. JSF provides consultation support for evolving and innovation of the exhibition and operation activities, developing human resources continuously, and maintaining the exhibition so that the facility can be managed independently.

5. Assistance in activating an existing facility
 In existing facilities, new demands and issues, such as out-of-date exhibitions, changes in relation to regional habitants, and the local administration and enterprises, may be raised. JSF assists in creating new operational activities for evolving the museum to meet the needs of the times, as well as providing renewal concepts and designs, by using our accumulated information and know-how.

Introduction of the facilities that have already opened (Results of our production activities)
VenueName of the facility12345
Aomori PrefectureMisawa Aviation Science Museum
Mutsu Science Museum
Iwate PrefectureTanakadate Aikitsu Memorial Science Museum
Fukushima PrefectureKoriyama City Fureai Science Center
Ibaraki PrefectureHitachi Civic Center Science Museum
Science Museum of Map and Survey
Tochigi PrefectureMoka City Educational Center of Science
Gunma PrefectureMukai Chiaki Children's Science Museum 
Gunma science mudeum for children
Gunma Museum of National History 
Gunma Children's Science Museum
Gunma Prefectural Institute of Public Health and Environmental Science Museum 
Saitama PrefectureKoshigaya Science and Technology Museum MIRACLE
Tokorozawa Aviation Museum 
Chiba PrefectureChiba Prefecture West Emergency Management and Training Center 
Chiba Museum of Science and Industry 
Tokyo MetropolisTaisei High School Taisei Wind Museum 
National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation 
National Museum of Nature and Science (New Building)  
Hoku Topia Science Museum (Currently closed) 
Kanagawa PrefectureSilk Museum
Kanagawa Plaza for Global Citizenship 
Kanagawa Prefectural Museum of Natural History  
Kawasaki Municipal Science Museum for Youth
Niigata PrefectureJoetsu Science Museum
Toyama PrefectureToyama Prefecture International Health Complex  
Shizuoka PrefectureDiscovery Park Yaizu Yaizu Astronomical Science Museum 
Aichi PrefectureNagoya City Science Museum
Toyota Hands-on Museum 
Gifu Prefecture Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd. Solar energy museum  
Gifu Advanced Science and Technology Experience Center "Science World"
Kyoto PrefectureWork Experience Plaza Vocational Museum 
The Kid's Science Museum of Photon 
Tottori Prefecture Tottori City Historical Museum (Yamabiko Kan)  
Hiroshima Prefecture Yamato Museum 
Yamaguchi PrefectureHikari Fire Department Emergency Management and Training Center "Anshin Net Hikari (Safety network in Hikari)" 
Nagasaki PrefectureNagasaki Science Museum 
Kumamoto PrefectureKumamoto Ishiuchi Dam Museum 

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