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Production of exhibitions and events

 Recently, topics of science and the environment, actual experiences, and participation become more important for exhibitions and events. JSF plans and designs exhibitions and events, plans workshop style events, and supports these operations based on experience in the development of exhibitions and operation of the Science Museum.

Consulting for Exposition

 Although the roles of the exhibition are changing with the times, the meaning of exhibitions that show something that may not be observed in daily life is still significant. JSF provides consulting support for basic exhibitions and provides scientific information that may satisfy many visitors to domestic and international exposition by using our know-how for operating the Science Museum.

Records of consulting activities
International exposition
1984New Orleans, U.S.A.Louisiana World Exposition
1985Tsukuba, Ibaraki Prefecture, JapanThe International Science Technology Exposition
1988Brisbane, AustraliaThe International Exposition on Leisure in the Age of Technology
1990Osaka Prefecture, JapanThe International Garden and Greenery Exposition
1992Genoa, ItaliaThe International Ship and Sea Exposition

Domestic Local Exposition (Japan Expo)
1994MieInternational Festival Exposition
1996SagaInternational Flame Exposition
1997TottoriSanin Dream/Port Exposition

Event production

 Even when some events having several leisure elements, scientific experiments and manufacturing experiences that cannot be experienced in school are expected, and people appreciate the fresh surprise and impression. JSF proposes plans for events with some scientific elements and supports the operation of these events by using our experience and ideas in exhibition development and various kinds of action programs.

Records of event production activities
Tokyo MetropolisToshimaen Toy Festa 2002
Tottori PrefectureTottori Science World 2007

Toy Festa 2002
Science experience corner Drum cans crush experiment show
"Science experience corner""Drum cans crush experiment show"

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