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 The Science Museum Operation Division operates the Science Museum, which was established by the Foundation and provides plans and consulting supports for producing exhibitions and educational activities in regional science museums and other public educational facilities.

Introduction of facilities that have already opened (results of our production activities)

Toyota Hands-on Museum
(Inaugurated on March 19, 2005)
 The science hall in the Toyota Industrial Culture Center, a regional base facility of industry and culture, together with the planetarium, was renewed and newly inaugurated as the Toyota Hands-on Museum in March 2005. The main theme of the museum is Science and Manufacturing. The graphic exhibition where the contents can be updated easily is one of their distinguishing features. PC content can be enjoyed again at home and the electric book terminal viewing topics related to the exhibition are also a unique feature of the museum.

Space Hall

Performance Stage
Address: 1-25, Kosaka Honmachi, Toyota City, Aichi
Operator: Toyota City
Consulting details: Basic plan, basic design, implementation design, exhibition installation management

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Taisei Wind Museum
(Inaugurated on April 1, 2004)
 A unique museum with the theme of wind was inaugurated in April 2004. The museum is interlinked with the wind power facility installed on the roof of a new building of the high school. The museum is open to the public and can be used for lectures and extracurricular activities for high school students. The graphic display that covers the entire wall explains the wind from every perspective. It is enjoyable to read the topics included in parts of the graphic display. In the hands-on facility, the visitor can learn about the wind intuitively with the Birth of the Wind using a payphone box and the Schlieren Unit for viewing the wind.
Address: 6-7-5, Kamirenjaku, Mitaka-City, Tokyo
Operator: Taisei High School
Consulting details: Basic plan, basic design, implementation design, exhibition production, operation consulting

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Misawa Aviation Science Museum
(Inaugurated on August 8, 2003)
 This is a large-scale aviation science museum established in Misawa noted for its connection to aviation history as the starting point for the world's first non-stop flight over the Pacific Ocean. Our foundation was involved in the basic concept, design, management of implementation, and management operation plan of the museum. We also executed expert investigations and restored historical aircraft by using our experience in designing and establishing the Tokorozawa Aviation Museum. The restoration of historically famous aircraft, in particular, was a memorial operation of the Foundation.
Address: 158, Aza Kitayama, Oaza Misawa, Misawa City, Aomori
Operator: Aomori Prefecture
Consulting details: Basic concept, basic plan, basic design, implementation design, implementation management, operation consulting, and the production of special exhibitions (restoration of historical aircraft)

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Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd. Solar Ark Solar Lab
(Inaugurated on April 1, 2002)
 A solar battery science museum called the Solar Lab was established in Solar Ark, which is a symbolic building for achievement of a clean energy society by Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd. By experiencing the exhibitions in the museum, visitors can be conscious of the light that exists as a matter of course in our daily life, and think about the Earth, a planet with a miraculous balance of life with the benefaction of the Sun. Use the solar panel to enjoy a variety of different and unique exhibitions. The Foundation planned and produced a full-scale outdoor exhibition titled Field Lab on the roof of the Solar Ark in 2005.

The solar battery science museum Solar Lab

Monolith Hit
(Field Lab)
Address: Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd. Gifu Plant
180, Omori, Anpachi-Cho, Anpachi-Gun, Gifu
Operator: Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.
Consulting details: Basic concept, exhibition design, exhibition production, planning and provision of the guidebook, and operation consulting.

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