Japan Science Foundation

System Proposal/Development

Do you think anyone can develop thesame system?
We can propose and develop an optimal system with flexible concepts and viewpoints without prejudice regarding specific venders and products. This is a unique advantage of a juridical foundation only. We can also support stable operations by providing sophisticated maintenance and support services.
The system is produced by the human. We precisely execute the system development process based on the origin of a trustworthy relation between the human and the human, and take responsibility on the results.
- Confirmation of your requirements
- Provision of our proposal and conclusion of the contract
- System design, development, testing
- System implementation
- Operation training/Provision of the initial data
- Actual operation commencement
- Maintenance/Support

- Web Based System
- C/S System
- Various kinds of Database System

Introduction of actual case examples
- University library system
- Public library system
- Membership management system
- Membership management POS system
- Credit management system
- Certificate examination management system
- Main text database system
- Statistic database system
- University alumni management system
Result collective management system
- Reward/Outdoor duty allowance payment/Accounting information system
- Travel expenditure management system
- accounting system
- Enclosures management system
- Individual results viewing system for the education by correspondence
- Health diagnosis management system for people to whom the medical note is issued
- Result report issue system
- Digital gallery website editing

And many others
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Data solution

Cost, Speed, Quality, and Security are indispensably required!!
Currently all of the Cost, Speed, Quality, and Security complied with the privacy mark are indispensably required for every system. We will provide services with a plus alpha value by collaborating with our system development projects and ASP/hosting projects.
feel free to request data entry operations or anything else.
- Cost
- Speed
- Quality
- Security
- Additional +α value

Introduction of actual case examples
-Campaign secretariat office (from application format printing to the drawing and the prize dispatching)
- Questionnaire survey (from questionnaire printing to the dispatching and the totalizing)
- Provision of application data (from application printing to the dispatching and the data provision)
- Test data marking (from mark sheet data reading to the marking and the result notification)
- Data conversion interworking with the system development
- Data conversion interworking with the system development And many others
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We are capable of operation and management of your website!!
We are capable of executing these processes collectively for professional website operation and management.
- Website operation
- Outsourcing
- ASP service
- Hosting service
- Database service
- Print service

Introduction of actual case examples
- World year of physics 2005 Japan Committee website
- International Biology Olympiad Japan Committee website
- Physics Challenge website
- Science Camp website
- The result reporting system of the education by correspondence SuperGrace website
- The education by correspondence website Pamphlet site
- Manabinpic portal site
- The education by correspondence support system
- HFSP website
- Science Favorite Club (Rika Daisuki) volunteer site
- Websites of academic societies in various fields
- ASPs for business of various companies

And many others
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JSF is certified the Privacy Mark to be granted to enterprisers which conduct proper handling of the personal information.