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For institutes providing education by correspondence

For institutes providing education by correspondence SuperGrace (*1)

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  Password: demopass
* For details about the operation, refer to the Operation Guide on the website of SuperGrace.
 This is a service jointly providing web information to educational institutes. With this service, persons in charge can collectively view, print, and download the lecture information of their employees by securely transmitting (supporting 128-bit encryption) the data on the status of the correspondence education lectures, which used to be transmitted via papers or FD by the respective educational institutes independently, over the Internet.
As of November 2007, about 43 institutes provided education by correspondence and about 5000 enterprises use SuperGrace. The number of institutes and companies using this service as an industrial standard common infrastructure is currently increasing.
(*1)SuperGrace is a scheme where the Foundation will provide information services (results viewing, report card output) to enterprises or institutes using the education service by correspondence via the Internet under a contract with a participating institute providing education by correspondence. The information system (the result reporting system) to be used in this service is jointly developed and operated by the following five institutes providing education by correspondence.
   - Sanno Institute of Management
   - JMA Management Center Inc.
   - Nippon Omni-Management Association
   - Nippon Manpower Co., Ltd.
   - JTEX
(Random order)
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LBSS -a system supporting education by correspondence

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The respective institutes providing education by correspondence have their own operating methods. LBSS has expanded its functions according to customer requirements.
With abundant functions and comprehensive operability, your operating efficiency can be improved immediately after introducing this service.
Furthermore, we can support stable operation after introducing LBSS by providing sophisticated services, including support corresponding to the personnel changes of operators or changes in business formation. Use LBSS to evolve your business proving that education by correspondence offers steady improvement.
There are reasons why the customer applies LBSS.

Download the catalog and confirm the reasons!
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For high schools providing education by correspondence

Credit system, correspondence system, and collaboration system high school support
Instruction work/Office work OA system

This is an instruction and office administration OA system for high schools supporting the credit system, correspondence system, and collaboration system.
Although this system can solely be used by individual correspondence system or credit system high schools, it is suitable for collectively managing multiple collaborated schools spread in many locations.
The IBM system i5 is the server, and the respective base schools in many locations are connected via LAN. This is a centralized management system for large-scale high schools collectively managing instruction and office administration.
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