Japan Science Foundation

Message from the Chairman

Chairman SAKAKIBARA Sadayuki
Since its establishment in April 1960 as a private foundation for the comprehensive promotion of science and technology, the Japan Science Foundation has striven to further the understanding of science and technology, and to contribute to social development. Its core facility, the Science Museum , is a youth-oriented social educational facility. It draws almost 600,000 visitors each year, welcoming a total of over 29 million visitors between its opening and December 2013.
In order for Japan to maintain its position as a world leader in the field of manufacturing, it must produce many aspiring scientists and engineers. I believe our foundation contributes greatly to the cultivation of these specialists. Through our activities, we aim to enable young people to discover and experience the joys of science, technology, and manufacturing, fostering a love of science and technology. We hope that this leads them to undertake higher education in science and technology, and to work to achieve their own aims and dreams. We also collaborate with the science and technology promotion projects implemented by the national government and seek the active support of the manufacturing industry so that we may play a greater role in international society.
I thank you for your understanding and continued support and cooperation.

Chairman SAKAKIBARA Sadayuki

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