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What is the Information System Development Department?

To contribute to customers' business activities and social lives through diffusion and awareness of advanced and practical software development technology.


Solution services

Public utility projects

For institutes providing education by correspondence
-The result reporting system of the education by correspondence SuperGrace
- The system supporting the education by correspondence "LBSS"

For high schools providing education by correspondence
- Credit system, correspondence system, and collaboration system high school support
Instruction work/Office work OA system
System proposal/construction
We can exactly respond to customer requirements from development to introduction and maintenance of systems based on our wide range and many years of experience.

- Confirmation of your requirements
- Provision of our estimation and conclusion of the contract
- System design, development and testing
- System implementation
- Operation training and the initial data provision
- Commencement of the actual operation
- Maintenance support
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Data solution
Digitalization of the accumulated information is indispensable in the information society. We respond to customer requirements with high response and quality.
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By using the Internet environment (circuits, various kinds of server groups) installed in the system management center of the Foundation, we can provide websites for public agencies, industrial institutes, academic societies, and educational institutes, as well as websites for event secretariat offices and other business ASP services.
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Supported/Independent research project
We execute investigations, research activities, system construction, and verification tests on advanced information technology in order to promote science. The know-how accumulated through our independent research activities can be used by public agencies, industrial institutes, academic societies, and educational institutes.
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Cultural facility related project
We provide services for planning and producing exhibition systems and collection management systems and creating digital content for exhibition by museums and art galleries, as well as the Science Museum operated by the Foundation, by using information processing technology.
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Public agency outsourced project
We actively promote execution of a variety of projects outsourced by public agencies. We have many achievements related to the environment and education in Japan. We will contribute to society through these projects in future.
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Information System Development Department
Japan Science Foundation
Tel: 81-3-3212-8481
Fax: 81-3-3212-8630

About Information System Development Department


Project lists


We evolve a variety of different projects with the mission to research and develop information processing technology; promote comprehension of science and technology by transmitting and diffusing information about science, and contribute to improvement of the science technology level by developing superior human resources. Information System Development Department is now enthusiastically evolving the following projects.
- Independent research projects
- Educational projects
- Cultural facility projects
- Public agency outsourced projects
- Data solution projects
- Network service projects
Please feel free to contact us at any time.

Information System Development Department
Japan Science Foundation
Tel: 81-3-3212-8481
From Monday to Friday (Except for holidays)
10:00 to 12:00, 13:00 to 17:30

Science Museum
2-1, Kitanomarukoen Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo 102-0091
Fax: 81-3-3212-8630
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