Japan Science Foundation

Supported/Independent research project

Museum remote viewing support system
Seeking more familiar Ubiquitous Society
We execute research, investigations, and verification experiments on advanced information technology for diffusing science and technology, conducting research and development activities for information processing technology and their promotion.
We contribute to science and technology promotion by developing and diffusing advanced software applying state-of-the-art technology for a ubiquitous society.

Introduction of actual case examples
- Research and investigation of the next generation Science Museum information environment
- Research and investigation of the museum remote viewing system supporting communication with other persons
- Transmission of the science educational information, and research and investigation of the information distribution system
- Research and investigation of the museum leaning support system using the wearable equipment
- Natural environment/radiation Web - Let's measure nature -
- Research and investigation of the remote joint experiential learning system using the 3D virtual reality
And many others
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Cultural facility related project

Science Museum Gas Quest
Digital Library
We can provide the optimum solution that can be provided only by an organization operating the Science Museum.
We provide a wide range of optimum solutions from planning, designing, development, and maintenance of the exhibition system for cultural facilities by using our know-how and experience accumulated through management of exhibitions in thr Science Museum operated by the Foundation and other museums.

Introduction of actual case examples
- National Hansen's disease museum - Exhibition system
- National Hansen's disease museum - Garnered items management system
- Digital Library of Science Museum Exhibition room Gas Quest
- Tokorozawa Aviation Museum - Photo searching/exhibition system
- The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo - Garnered works management system
- Solar Ark (Solar battery science museum) - The solar system simulator
And many others
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Public agency outsourced project

Lending the Hakarukun simple radiation measuring instrument
Bring up children through the public utility projects
We actively promote public utility projects by public agencies to evolve different operations related to the environment and education in Japan. Through these projects, we support children by believing that intelligent and curious children with abundant originality will develop our future society and science and create a rich, bright future.
Hakarukun website

Manabinpic website

Human Frontier Science
Program website

Science Favorite (Rika Daisuki) volunteer
Database website

Natural environment/Radiation Web

Introduction of actual case examples
Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
- Special account commission project for power source development promotion measures (Lending the Hakarukun simple radiation measuring instrument)
- Special account commission project for power source development promotion measures (Radiation measurement practices support)
- Research and investigation on measures contributing to improvement the learning will of pupils and students by using various kinds of competitions (Manabinpic)
- Project for promoting understanding of nuclear power through the natural environment/radiation website
- Nuclear power PA project support program for radiation education through the radiation website
- Project for providing and operating the website for public subscription of unique innovative technical development research proposals
- Project for proving and operating the website of the Human Frontier Science Program

Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
- Power source location promotion adjustment project (Power source development regional promotion guidance project (Radiation class))
- Nuclear power safety regulations information hearing and public relations project (website for nuclear power safety regulations)
- Public relation project under the power source location promotion adjustment commission project expenditures (Public relation on the respective sites (Radiation education))

Ministry of the Environment
- Research and investigation of the influences of Diphenylarsinic Acid to human health
- Provision of Information to Protect the Earth

Japan Science and Technology Agency
- Project for proving innovative digital educational materials for science and technology education
- Regional science museum collaboration support project
- Development of the volunteer database for Science Favorites (Rika Daisuki)

New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization
- Development of an asset management system for the portal system
- Development of the achievement follow-up system (tracing/evaluation system) for the portal system
- Development of the project management system (for assets)
- Development of the patent management access database system
- Development of the NEDO patent information online system
- Maintenance of the director status table entry system
- Development of the mining area management system

And many others
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